Join us for the largest gathering of Redis users and experts

At RedisConf 2017, you'll get to:

  • Learn from key Redis contributors
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Dive deep into Redis with the experts
  • Gain insight into companies running Redis at scale

Whether you're just starting with Redis, or you're already running large Redis clusters, we want to see you at RedisConf 2017.

RedisConf 2016 Speakers

Creator of Redis
SSH I/O streaming via Redis-based persistent message queue
Armakuni co-founder and cloud native developer
Founder of, Author of POJOs in Action
Redis Mad Scientist, Rackspace
Strategic Advisor and Business Consultant
Postgres and Redis sitting in a tree
Embedding (and debugging) Redis and Lua Scripts in a C project with guardrails
High Performance Redis
Dynomite: A highly available, distributed and scalable dynamo layer
Where has my client gone?
Appboy, Inc.
Distributed Application Logic in Ruby with Redis
Using Redis to Create a High Performance Service Supporting 2, 000, 000 Daily Active Users
Redis in a Multi Tenant environment - High Availability, Monitoring and much more!
Background Tasks in Node
Using Redis to Filter Spam
Distil Networks
Using Redis To Build An Advanced Rate Limiting System
Rocket Fuel
Which one is Real? - Validating Billions of Web Interactions at Rocket Fuel
Software Engineer
Real time recommendations using WebSockets and Redis
Redis as a Message Bus
Distil Networks
Redis Networking Nerd Down: For Lovers of Packets and Jumbo Frames
The Best Perl Client for Redis-As-A-Queue
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Solving Redis Latency Issues with Transparent Huge Pages: Make Copy-On-Write Great Again
Café Media
Use of Redis in RTB platform at CafeMedia
"Redis as a Serving layer for Spark" or "Spark and Redis: In-situ analytics beyond Hadoop"
73rd Street Associates
Using Redis as distributed Cache for ASP.NET apps with IIS
Managing Redis with Kubernetes
Scalable Streaming Data Pipelines with Redis